Dear valued customer, welcome to the world of Sera Gold !

Sera Gold is a globally honored and valued brand, which is specialized in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of cell culture Products. It presents itself with a diversified product range, with high quality to favorable conditions. The Sera Gold team has more than 25 years of experience and covers all areas from research and development, worldwide sourcing of the best available products, manufacturing and distributing. Our research and development team are masters, in their field (biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, engineers and more..) and work as interdisciplinary team. Their extensive knowledge is always open to customers. The development of customized formulations is one of our biggest advantages.  

Sera Gold has long-term strategic sourcing alliances. Only the best suppliers were chosen and to ensure a constant high quality,  regularly audits are conducted.

The Sera Gold product portfolio delivers the highest quality combined with optimized cell culture performances. All processes are ISO certified and all team members are trained regularly.

The distribution partners of Sera Gold are the best in their field and area. You can expect the highest level of services and support.




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